You just spent the last 3 months building a product that solves a problem you encountered. All the spent your time working hard, putting in long hours, setting up a website, even getting all your social media accounts setup. It is likely youu might have even put together a marketing plan, starting blogging, and got a small email list.

With all this hard work done, you are likely starting to see sales. But are you getting the growth you thought you’d get? Have you thought about how you can increase your sales? Do you know what you your customers think of the product? Take some time before you continue building your product and consider getting some customer feedback.

Customer Feedback

One of the most valuable things you can do for your product or business is to spend time getting customer feedback. What’s great about building digital products (and most of us are building these now) is that we can take the feedback we get from customers and iterate on our products, giving them to our customers for free. In fact, if you are continually adding value to what you provide your customers, they are far more likely to buy from you again.

You can get customer feedback in a multitude of ways. While there are lots of ways to get feedback, here are 5 ways I get customer feedback.

  1. Surveys
  2. Feedback boxes
  3. Reaching out directly
  4. User activity
  5. Usability Tests


One of the most common and easiest ways to get feedback from your customers is by sending out surveys. Think about it. They are easy to setup. Easy to send out. Easy to Analyze. And they scale really really well. I suppose that’s why many people think of survey’s as the bread and butter for getting feedback.

When I’m going to use a survey to gather customer feedback, I look at them at two angles: long surveys and short surveys.

Long Surveys

Survey Monkey

Long Surveys are what most of us are familiar with so let’s cover these first. Long surveys are what we are most familiar with. You go into a tool like Survey Monkey where you create all sorts of questions and then you send out a link to your customer list and anyone that uses your product.

Then you give it a few days, check back on your survey and have all sorts of feedback. Hopefully.

If you have ever sent out a long survey but didn’t get a lot of responses, there’s a few reasons why.

How many questions did you send?