I've been doing a lot of experimenting with Open AI / ChatGPT these days and while I'm not completely ready to share all my secrets, I wanted to share an idea I had.

I need to give you a little back story though first.

I purchased a notion startup database a few years ago. It's great. It's got a number of really cool concepts in it for the #nocode space.

It allows you to see how you can pull together a couple of SaaS services and create apps we all use daily.

It's great at providing product recipes that you could take and build your own SaaS from. 

But I saw it a little differently.

It quickly became a tool for me to save and catalog a number of new tools I am looking at using. It's giving me a way to map out these new industries, these categories of apps that I'm accumulating.

The main database gives you a table and form to add new tools to. You give it a name, URL, categorize it, price, etc. But I noticed that it was missing some fields like a description of what the tool/service/product is. It doesn't give me an overview like that.

It's also a very manual process to enter everything. And because I want to continue to grab the logo of the tool, there's some things I have to continue to do manual.

But that got me thinking about how I might be able to use open AI to collect some information for me.

I quickly spun up a scenario in Make (my new favorite competitor to Zapier). The scenario hooks up to the Notion database and watched for rows that are created or updated.

When a row is created or updated, it will run a very simple scenario. It will grab up to 5 of the latest created/updated rows and look up the name of the product. It then heads over the the Open AI API and sends a prompt to "provide me with a short description about {product}."

Finally it round trips back home and updates the row with the information that came from Open AI. It might not be 100% perfect, but it is able to grab the data for me without me having to go read or copy something from the home page.

It allows me to quickly use my browser extension "Save to Notion" and add a few fields and automation does the rest.

Now when I need to look up some of the information from the table, if I've added a tool there that I don't recognize or haven't used, I've got a way to read a quick product description and be more informed with what the tool does.

Pretty simple. And best of all -- It's FREE. Wanna see the database? Feel free to take a look.

Here's a quick video of how I've got everything hooked up.